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New Year, New Wardrobe

Welcome to Deal Man! We've got you covered with our incredible 2016 Range.

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The Urban Knight Jacket - $59.99

Crafted from premium faux leather, this magnificent jacket is the product of working with and listening to our customers in order to bring them clothing they truly desire. Buy now!


The Demon Hoodie - $14.99

A slim-fitting durable hoodie, we created Deal Man to provide value for our customers and this hoodie is that value personified. For $14.99 with FREE shipping, you can't go wrong. Buy now!


The Assassins Hoodie - $29.99

Our most talked-about product, for good reason. We continually improve this product to fit our customers needs. Check out our newest limited edition Black & Blue hoodie. Buy now!


The Reaver Jacket - $59.99

It's more than just a suit jacket, it is a character of it's own. Crafted to be tough and imposing, designed with cinema's greatest villains in mind. Buy now!

The Agent Jacket - $29.99

Made from durable polar fleece, this will keep you warm and in action. Buy now!


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